I am an accountant working two jobs; one as a project accountant and the other as a tax accountant. At the same time I am also trying to study to obtain my CPA license. I started studying for the CPA exam (recommended stay time each day until the exam is 3-4 hours) in July of 2009 while working at my father’s CPA tax firm. Being a small staffed firm I worked numerous hours both on and off tax season and tried to study as well. This meant spending way too much time at a desk and getting little sleep each night. Normally I would go tot the gym and work out an hours at least 5 days a week but I started going a lot less once I undertook a task of styling for my CPA exam.

Starting in march of 2010, almost half a year after I started studying I started noticing my lower and mid-sections of my back hurting. I also had managed to pick up the terrible habit of twisting my back and getting it to pop thinking the pain pain would temporarily go away. Come to find out this made it worse. My fiancé had been to this practice when she had back pain and said that he had done a wonderful job making her back feel better. Sounded good at the time but I have never really thought a chiropractor was what I needed. I figured I just needed to gain some muscle back by going to the gym more once the exams were over and all I had was work to do. So I did not take her advice and go and regretted not having gone to get my back fixed early on when the pain just started to begin. Months went by and my work and study routine only increased.

Along with my work and studying my back pain grew worse. It was like for every hour I studied my back hurt another degree worse. Things really changed for me when I started a new full time job as a project accountant in mid August. During this time I was still working at my dad’s firm for 25-35 hours a week and still studying. Stating this new job was stressful. Not because I did not understand what went on or what my job was but it was stressful because this was the month my back had gotten so bad that I was now getting headaches and my neck was becoming extremely stiff.

The back and next pain I experienced at the time was enough to bring my mood down at work and outside of work as well. Finally in September 2010, I had enough when it was so bad that even sleep was difficult for me. My fiancé booked me an appointment. At my appointments with Dr. Ivey, I was greeted with the kindness by some of the most caring staff members out there. After being carefully assessed and my back and neck pains were described to the doctor there was no time wasted at all. He was able to level with me and explained my situation with the best clarity.

Most doctors in my experience use their fancy medical terminology and have no explanation to follow. This was not the case with Dr. Ivey. It was during my second week of visits that I really noticed a dramatic difference in my neck and back through his adjustments and from the massage therapist. They took the time to answer every detailed or common sense question I brought their way. More importantly they were able to get my back to recover to the point where my work at my new job improved since my headaches were eliminated. Not only that the stiffness I had in my neck is nearly gone and my ability to work out regularly has continued once again.

Thanks to Dr. Ivey and his outstanding staff, sleep has no longer been an issue either. I am grateful as one of his many healed patients.

– Phillip Shin. Accountant