Sciatic nerve pain treatment

What to do with Sciatic nerve pain?

Having a specific chiropractic plan to include gentle adjustments targeting the sciatic region, in addition to other therapies will significantly reduce recovery time. Ice will reduce inflammation and pain, while heat encourages blood flow to the painful area and reduces muscle tightness, but it is not recommended to use heat while experiencing sciatic pain until there is absence of swelling and pain. Heat is generally safe to use when there is no inflammation.

Get help with sciatic nerve pain

Schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr Ven to:

  • Consult with you about your physical condition and existing symptoms.
  • Diagnose and design a plan to specifically help with your condition.
  • Educate you with how to properly use therapeutic exercise techniques.
  • Provide muscle stimulation therapy and/or massage in combination with chiropractic adjustment to promote healing.
  • Help you improve range of motion so you can achieve your maximum potential and enhance your lifestyle.
  • Maintain records and keep track of your progress as you continue down the road to a pain free recovery.

Dr. Ven Korikov and his team of healthcare professionals are here to ease your sciatic nerve pain and provide you with long term solutions to sciatic nerve pain management. We understand lifestyles are very busy, so Dr. Ven has extended hours for your convenience so you can come in as early as 7:30 AM and until 7:00 PM. Our priority is to be here for you.